Health and Safety

We can provide clients with assistance in managing health and safety issues affecting commercial property by ensuring compliance with the various regulations currently in force. We can also arrange for remedial works to be carried out where there is non-compliance.

Expert advice

Increasingly health and safety legislation places a greater responsibility on companies to ensure their workplaces are compliant with the multitude of rules and regulations that apply. This can be a daunting task often assigned to someone within your organisation with little or no experience in health and safety matters.

At Hunter FM we can manage health and safety on your behalf by arranging for the necessary risk assessments to be carried out and any remedial works undertaken. We can also ensure compliance with the following:

  • Fire regulations applying to the workplace
  • The control of legionella bacteria in water systems
  • The management of asbestos in the workplace

Health and Safety Guidance

We can, through an associate company, 4Site Consulting, offer impartial advice on the correct interpretation of the many regulations affecting commercial property and carry out risk assessments where required by law.

  • Ensure your company or premises are complying with all of the current health & safety legislation
  • Protect your company’s interests
  • Receive impartial advice from a team of experts

Looking for reliable contractor management?

If your contractors do not comply with current Health and Safety legislation then you, as the employer, also become liable. We can help ensure your contractors comply with all current legislation.

We can help you. contact us today to assess and regulate your contractors.

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